PURE Health Evolution™ believes in customized care and that each client deserves to thrive, achieve their goals and flourish within their own lifestyle.

Through our functional approach to fitness and nutritional coaching each client has the opportunity to live their healthiest life.

Our ability to look at the clients lifestyle and behavior; while providing whole health solutions that fit within that lifestyle is what sets us apart in our industry.

An integrative approach to both health and fitness without any gimmicks or smoke screens is what clients can grow to expect from PURE Health Evolution.

We believe this is why our clients have such a phenomenal rate of success.


Personal Training 

Available both at our personal training studio and in the client’s home.  Training is held in private individual sessions, couples (or partner sessions) and in small group format.  This allows all clients to thrive; while providing convenience for both their schedule and budget.

Nutritional Coaching

Offered in person or online via email, phone, or SKYPE and is provided once a week for clients with health concerns, weight loss goals, or whom simply want to improve their lifestyle.

Nutritional Coaching and Personal Training 

Offered together in our VPT program for clients anywhere in the country looking to improve performance, health, lose weight, gain muscle, or any other wellness goal.  This is executed just like a studio visit: only the client has the convenience of using our fitness app between sessions and LITERALLY carrying their professional EVERYWHERE.  It is convenient, and boasts amazing results.  This program is offered in 3-different tiers allowing clients customization in the amount of coaching each week from their professional.

Nutrition Seminars and Boot Camps 

Held monthly for current, former and new clients.  These vary from free events, to events like cooking classes or educational seminars that may have a small convenience fee.

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