Casey Fessler-Marshek

Casey has spent nearly 17 years serving clients on a mission to help them improve performance, health, and their relationship with their bodies. It has been her pleasure to help hundreds of clients achieve their goals and improve their lifestyles immeasurably.

Casey started her career in 2002 while attending Central College, in Pella, Iowa.  She has an undergraduate background in exercise physiology and psychology.  In addition to an advanced education in Health & Nutrition Education.  Over the last 17 years she has gained extensive knowledge and multiple specialized certifications varying from strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, to balance programs for those needing extensive neuromuscular support.

As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist Casey specializes in whole health, weight loss, athletic performance, corrective exercise, endurance, prenatal-postpartum health, family health, balance, and so much more.

In Casey’s spare time she loves to box, trail run, climb, and spend time with her two beautiful daughters.

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