Show your gratitude in your words…

Show your gratitude in your words…

The way you speak to others, to your family, to strangers speaks volumes about your viewpoint of the world and how strong your relationship is with yourself.

I cannot stress strongly enough the way you speak to yourself and the thoughts you allow to pass through your mind day to day affect you in every area of your life.  These thoughts influence the words you use.  The words you use will impact your belief in your ability to achieve your goals.  These same thoughts will make or break whether you accept the tools that allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle long-term. Instead of apologizing…express gratitude.

Instead of worrying…wrap yourself in logic.

Instead of criticizing yourself for where you’re at…celebrate your daily victories and continue to set new goals.

Being kind doesn’t mean being dormant or content.  It means living in the moment while striving for greatness.

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