Thrive by Eating Less. Whole Choices. Mostly Plants.

Thrive by Eating Less. Whole Choices. Mostly Plants.

Diet.  Diet has turned into a F.O.U.R. letter word in our society.  It causes people to endlessly chatter about Keto, Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Lo-carb, low-fat…nonsense.  Diet at one time meant “the food we consumed to properly function.”

So many are searching for the one-size-fits-all diet that leaves us all full of energy, outperforming ourselves in the past, and looking great.  I stand behind the concept of customized diets and behavioral approach to living well.  I do have one-size-fits-all tips that will get you on the fast track to the results for which you are searching.

  • Eat Whole Foods…You hear all of us nutrition educators speak about the perimeter of the grocery store.  I want you to eat as many whole foods as you can.  The majority of each meal should be whole foods.  This leaves room for human error.  This leaves room for imperfection with dining out, family get together, and of course…just fun.  Your body will be free of unnecessary chemicals, the foods are higher in nutrition, fiber, and lower in calorie than their processed alternatives.  They haven’t been altered to extend their shelf-life and tend to be lower in sugar.
  • Eat Mostly Plants…Not everyone needs to be vegetarian or vegan.  There is a reason why epidemiology studies point to cultures who eat diets high in plants have less type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  Does this mean you cannot eat meat?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  It does mean that I encourage you to make sure 3/4 your plate is plants.  Choose quality cuts/types of protein and balance your diet with diverse options.
  • So there you are eating your rainbow of plants…NOW EAT LESS.  WE have interesting habits.  Many of them have diverse causes.   One EASY, well known trade secret is that if you choose to eat on smaller plates…if you choose to keep the healthier foods readily available (bowl of fruit or veggies on the table, on the counter, at the front of the refrigerator as you open it) than you will choose that over high caloric, less healthful options.  I am not telling you to go hungry.  I am telling you to eat mindfully and make eating well, CONVENIENT.

When you live your life in this manner you do not have to calorie count.  You never have to think twice about what you have consumed.  You are freeing yourself from the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and self-shaming for habits that do not serve you.

I hope you continue following my blog, and finding passion in whole food living.  Make sure you relish the flavors and the company during each meal.  Eating should be an experience, but an experience that allows us to thrive in optimal health.

Until next time!

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